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The dream is to lead worship in every country. Nathan is in pursuit of changing the world with his music and influence to every generation. While studying Music Business in college, he was granted the opportunity to perform at events such as the 2013 Presidential Inaugural Ceremony, The Shanghai Music Festival in China, and even perform on national televised events. Nathan has traveled world wide with his singing and guitar playing ability and has acquired the dream of touching lives with his music.

For years, Nathan was employed as a band director and mentor for a youth group in the Chattanooga, TN area. While in college, he performed in hundreds of churches with the aspiration of bringing hope to the people who hear his music. He teaches guitar and voice along with ensemble leadership skills, and team building every single week. Whether it is building a worship team, playing a wedding reception, leading worship in the nations, street busking in the streets of Chattanooga, or playing for private events in Nashville, Nathan Mell has the drive and passion to inspire all who connect with him and his deep love for music.