Listen, Learn, Live, Love


Hey, thanks for taking the time to stroll over and check out this idea that has been burning in my head for quite sometime now. 

You're probably thinking, 

"What is this guy going to do different from every other blog post out there?" 

Hey, I get that. Blogs can be extremely boring and so many of them post the same exact content over and over again. Plus, who in the heck cares about what I think? I will be honest, why would anyone care about a stranger's opinion on information they could just google or buy a book from someone who has way more education than whomever is writing such blog and form an opinion for themselves?

Valid right? But here is the difference for me. Think about this perspective for a minute...

I am not just giving you my opinion, I am giving you entertainment. 

Does anyone else do this? This is not just a blog or some music to listen to. I am giving you a piece of my life (We will go more in depth with this idea later). You see, I believe I have been blessed with a gift with my singing voice and playing instruments. My dream is sharing that with YOU. Yes you. Hopefully I don't disappoint you! :) Or else someone will end up blogging about me and how terrible of an idea this is and how bad of a musician I am! (Lets hope that does not happen) 

So along with information on whatever runs through my brain, I am giving you free entertainment in the form of music with every blog I post related to the content I am posting about. 

These days, what does it mean to be an artist? You have hundreds of thousands of "artists" on YouTube right? Almost all of them with the same goal in mind. Fame. Getting someone to notice them. Where has the passion for the music gone? Is that really all we care about is fame from our music? Why do you think so many people audition for The Voice, America's Got Talent, and American Idol when it aired? People chase the money, which these days is the reward for talent. 

The difference for me is, I do not care about the fame. I want to provide you entertainment for FREE every time I post because I believe that I have a gift to share with the world. Plus, I want to share this with you! I want to show the world my music, and I do not want some quick easy way to do so. 

Now, don't get me wrong here, you hustle your music if you have to freaking hustle your music. If that is your dream to be famous, chase it. But what I am trying to say is that the music culture has lost the passion. But thankfully, there are PLENTY of famous musicians out there that still love music for what it should be, and who have achieved fame because they have learned how to make a career out of it.

For example, some of my favorite artists that express their true love for the music they write are people like John Legend, Stevie Wonder, Jacob Collier, John Mayer, Kendrick Lamar, Ed Sheeran, Eddie James, Jonny Lang, J.Cole, etc. These artists inspire me because they have a true passion for the music they write and perform because it moves them. That clearly translates because it moves me. I believe the difference for them is not just trying to achieve a quick buck. From the start, those artists were true to themselves and fame found them, they did not have to go searching for it. 

That is what I am seeking. I long to be a true artist who respects music for what it is in every genre. 

This is not just a music blog either. I am going to write about everything underneath the sun that I am passionate about. Of course music, but will also include travel, books I read, fitness, my spiritual life, life tips, or whatever comes into my crazy brain. and yes! Entertainment is included every time I post. Did you get that part? Not sure if you did... :)

So all I ask is that you subscribe, what do you have to lose? Did I mention it is free? 

We all start somewhere. I want you to begin this journey with me. 





Nathan Mell