I used to worry. I still struggle a bit with it, but definitely not as much. Now, I believe worrying steals your moment. I think that life is too short to worry because life is just a bunch of tiny moments. I cant afford to waste anymore of it. 

All I ever did was worry. All I ever did was fear. I feared for my future. I feared that I wouldn't be a good enough musician, a good enough father, good enough for God, and I worried I wouldn't be able to provide for my family or even myself. So I chased after money and my dream job in the music industry. I idolized "success". I constantly pursued that "perfect physique" of the six pack abs, square chest, and broad shoulders. My insecurity overwhelmed me. So much to the point where I began to place my insecurities in others. I chased after what I thought I really cared about. I'm not giving up, I'm just chasing after what really matters now.

When we replace what we truly care about with "valuable things" we think will make us happy, we end up slowly separating ourselves from the people we love most in life. Christians, that includes God too. 

Loving people unconditionally, I've recently discovered, is a fantastic token to peace in life. Is it obvious? It may be for you, but for me the whole term "Unconditionally" was a disconnect pretty much my entire life until a few weeks ago. Serving others, no matter where they are at, what they believe, or where they have been is such a powerful tool. After all, we all are inching closer and closer to the end of our lives. We may as well try and love one another unconditionally. Christians, that includes God too. 

I have a purpose in life. It isn't chasing "valuable things". I am learning the true meaning of trust, building my faith, and trusting in God's timing for the first time in my life. Not what I think will make me happy. I am done chasing an unfulfilling life. God watches over even the birds in the air, so I shouldn't worry about tomorrow. (Matthew chapter 6 if you would like to read it). That is so promising to me. Yes I am going to work hard, take care of my body, and become a better man every day. Only now it will focus on God's purpose for my life and not what I think my purpose is. I have no idea what that looks like. I have to trust God's plan. (hint: not that easy) 

Justin Bieber is arguably the most famous musician on earth. His fame grants him to basically have whatever he wants. Yet, he still found himself unsatisfied because he tried to fill that void we all have in life with things that do not last forever. As a musician, that speaks so much to me. 

When I Learned to Listen to the voice of God, He revealed my true purpose to me. I simply want to Live in a way to where the Love of Jesus shines through me. I love to worship Him and lead others in worshiping Him. Jesus was a pretty good dude, so I am confident that striving to be like Him is a pretty solid choice. I don't know what the future holds. I fear at times, but if God is for me, then who can be against me. The creator of the universe promised me an abundant life and my hearts desires if I simply delight in Him and I trust and follow His word. His eye is on the sparrow. He knows my name. My story. It is already written. So He can take my life and do what He wants. I am done doing it on my own. I trust Him.

That is my purpose. What is yours?

I'd love to talk with you about it. (615) 428-7964 is my number. Call me anytime.  

Talk to you soon. 

Nathan Mell