Why do you believe


"Why do you believe?" - "What if you are wrong?" - "Why are you wasting your life?"

I am a worship leader for a church that believes in Jesus. That is my job. (one of them anyways) Which means I sing songs to God (Yahweh) and to Jesus giving praise and glory to their names. I believe that Jesus came to earth, lived a perfect life, and died a death so gruesome that the bible describes Jesus as "unrecognizable" while going through it. Then, Jesus rose from the dead according to former prophets in the Old Testament. The Old Testament has got some crazy stories in it by the way. It also has some really incredible ones. 

I believe in a God that has always existed. Our human brains cannot fathom that because it does not obey the laws of creation. How can something come from nothing? The trinity, the father/son/holy spirit all being one, requires tremendous faith to believe in because it does not make complete sense to the finite mind either. 

Atheists think that I am delusional and brainwashed for singing to "God".

Most of my family does not understand what I do and some of them think that I am wasting my life playing at a church instead of pursuing music and doing my own thing and what is best for me. 

The questions I asked at the beginning of this post come into my mind pretty often. Life is full of tough questions. I have realized through all of the doubt and mysteries that if I am not doubting, then I am not growing. 

Through all the stories I don't understand, the questions I ask and get asked by people that I don't have answers to, and the prayers that go unanswered at the moment, my faith is seriously tested. 

But for me, I always go back to creation. How I got here. That fuels me into deep thought and it always points back to faith in God and therefore, Jesus.  I am on a floating ball spinning 1000mph with beautiful nature pretty much everywhere I look. No one has a for sure answer to how the earth was created. Was it the Big Bang? Was it exactly how the bible describes it? Was it a bit of both? I do not think it is coincidence that we happen to live on a planet that supports our internal and external body temperature. Food, the source of life, just happens to grow so we can survive. AND we get to enjoy it? Those are just a couple of things and a few of my thoughts. I've got many more! I am sure you do too. 

I can choose to focus on the positive or the negative. I believe that a good balance of doubt and faith fuel my belief into one that is unique and that I am not a slave to being a child of the bible belt, but a child of the creator. 

What do you think? I really enjoy talking about this with others. 

Call me. My number is (615) 428- 7964. 

Here is your reminder to listen more. Learn the perspectives of others. Live for your own beliefs and not just someone else's. But no matter what, love others through the good and the bad. 

Nathan Mell